Service Service – Working for You

One of our key policies is making sure that we employ consultants with specific experience in their chosen field. This means that when it comes to serving both clients and candidates we immediately understand and meet your needs.

All of our team have been selected on their personal abilities and great communication. They would love to hear from you and talk through any potential employment opportunities.

Andy Pitt
Andy PittExecutive Recruitment
As Service Service’s owner, Andy not only looks after the day to day running of the business but also utilises his own personal and professional networks to find the ideal candidates for executive positions. Having served over 20 years in the recruitment industry Andy is a firm believer in traditional and honest recruitment practices whilst harmonising these with cutting edge modern technology.

Andy spends most of his time drinking coffee and chatting with people and his personal interests include losing money on classic cars. He is also an accomplished photographer.

James Ellis
James EllisGeneral Commercial Recruitment
Coming from a sales, account management and administrative based background, James is able to anticipate the needs of this fast moving sector with loyal and capable candidates. A constant communicator with the enviable skill to naturally find out the expertise you need, James is tireless in his pursuit of getting the right person for you. You need a job? Call him. You need new staff? Call him.

When asked about what he likes, what’s his ‘thing’, he replied that he is a man of many passions. He’s an enigma. He doesn’t need a thing to define him. Too cool!

Robin Hall
Robin HallFinancial Recruitment
With a considerable background working in the mortgage industry and related finance businesses, Robin is able to best qualify opportunities and candidates within the demanding finance sector. Fully networked and a constant communicator, there isn’t anyone in this sector that he doesn’t know.

Robin is the most dapper and stylish individual in the business and is a compulsive obsessive purchaser of Lego.

Lorraine Richards
Lorraine RichardsGeneral Recruitment
With several years experience in recruitment and being a natural administrator, Lorraine combines these talents to provide an immeasurable service as an account manager to one of our prestigious clients whilst simultaneously supporting the inner working of Service Service.

When asked ‘what can I write about you’, Lorraine answered that she used to travel extensively and have a life, but now since having children her house floor is covered in Lego and she can’t leave the house without taking a container full of equipment!